Urban Real Estate Starlet

Founded by Sheryl Ellison Ponds

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Urban Real Estate Starlet

Over a decade of experience in
Commercial Real Estate & Economic Development

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Urban Real Estate Starlet

Positions families to build a legacy of wealth

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Urban Real Estate Starlet

Advises local firms to be on top of their
game before they open their doors

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Urban Real Estate Starlet

Change is inevitable
You make it happen!

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UrbanREStarlet.com is a family affair

Are you prepared to S.A.V.E Big Mama’s House or save your own home when
“urban renewal” comes to your neighborhood? Find out.


UrbanREStarlet.com founded by Sheryl Ellison Ponds. For inner-city dwellers and businesses her message is quite clear.

The best real estate investment you make is to keep the property you own (or control) right now!


Insider tips are right here so you can get the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your home, business or any inner city property that may be in the sights of developers.

Protect your interests.

Families: Choose the best deal for you and your loved ones, BEFORE a buyer comes knocking on your door.


Business Owners: Become “Credit Tenants” and leverage gentrification to get a better location for a better rent.



These are the tenant improvements related to the commercial leasing contracts I negotiated with prominent real estate firms

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Education & Speaking opportunities available to consumers and business owners respectively

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My professional affiliations

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An educational webseries that empowers you to build wealth with the treasures that you already have in your hands.

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Sheryl Ellison Ponds MBA
Licensed Real Estate Professional
in District of Columbia, Maryland, and New York

What People Say

Lawrence G.

” I recently completed the leasing of the storefront in a building I own with Sheryl as my broker. She worked with me during her “off-hours”. It was the first time I had worked on a commercial lease as the landlord. Needing lots of “hand-holding,” Sheryl rose to the occasion with ease, walking me through the process. I’m grateful to Sheryl for all that she did to make this transaction painless. She not only provided a turn-key solution but gave me great advice throughout the process. I received regular updates from her as things moved along. Sheryl is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and overall made what I hear is usually a daunting process, quite reasonable. I am happy to write this recommendation because Sheryl earned it. If you are looking for a commercial real estate broker and/or an advisor to help you maximize the value of your commercial property, definitely reach out to Sheryl. You will not be disappointed. “

Joyce P

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Sheryl…I feel empowered. I don’t know which way the project will turn out but feel that I have to, I MUST at elast try to hold on to this house. If more people knew about the “how” I think they would not give into the investors. Word has to get out about the process as lots of folks my age are grappling with this issue. Thanks, again.” .

Audrey J

“Sheryl thank you again for all your help provided to my mom and I as we strategize on next steps for our family property. Also, we appreciate your introduction to Anitra. Our meeting was truly a blessing to us as we are now more knowledgeable about the development process, and our options. We wish we could just have you both on our team 🙂 …aside from your generosity of your time you two are uber sharp about the industry. We look forward to pushing the needle a little farther and will definitely stay in touch and look to help us understand anything that is not clear or we are unsure about.” .

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